Top 10 Eco-Friendly Sweetest Day Gifts

By | October 18, 2008

Having trouble trying to find that special someone the best Sweetest Day gift ever? How about going green. Here are the top 10 eco-friendly gifts to give your sweetie this year and lessen your carbon footprint on the environment.

1- Organic flowers or live plant
2- Fair Trade chocolates
3- Sustainable sexy under garments made from bamboo
4- Candles made from soy wax
5- Organic soaps & bath oils
6- Conflict free diamond jewelry
7- Gift certificate to an eco-friendly spa
8- Homemade organic goodies like pies, cookies, cupcakes etc.
9- Tickets to a concert, sports event, or a play at the theater
10- Donation to a charity or an organization in your sweetheart’s name

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Eco-Friendly Sweetest Day Gifts

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  2. Jessica

    I love these tips! A great place to check out unique hand made AND eco-friendly jewelry is All Wired Up jewelry They consider the pieces to be wearable art and I couldn’t agree more!

  3. Meghan

    At C5, we encourage you to look beyond conflict-free to sustainable fine jewelry that is made with the highest regard for the environment and other communities.

    Ready-to-wear gifts are available through our online boutique, or we will work with you to design a beautiful custom piece that matches your personality and values.

    Our jewelry is made in the USA from recycled metals and either lab-created or ethically sourced gems (including diamonds).

    Check out

    Wear Your Commitment.

  4. Rebecca

    You can also go for the recycled items, there are so many great recycled products out there, from pretty journals made of recycled paper, decorative gifts made of recycled glass, handmade creations made of recycled auto parts to unique photo frames made of recycled bicycles chain.

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