Tip of the Week – Pack A Waste-Free Lunch

By | January 7, 2011

Did you know that the average American school-age child throws away 67 pounds of food packaging a year? This includes plastic water bottles, sandwich baggies, and juice boxes. That equates to 18,760 pounds of lunch waste for just one average-size elementary school. That’s a lot of trash!

Next week start reducing those numbers by packing a waste-free lunch for your kids and/or for your day at work. It’s really easy, just follow these simple 5 steps and you’ll cut down your waste in no time.Pack A Waste-Free Lunch

5 Tips for a Waste-Free Lunch:

  1. Pack food in reusable lunch containers, like Kids Konserve
  2. Wash & reuse real silverware and cloth napkins when needed
  3. Store juice, water or other beverages in a reusable BPA free stainless steel bottles
  4. Control food portions to ensure that there are no leftovers to dispose of
  5. Pack it all in a reusable lunch bag or tote

7 thoughts on “Tip of the Week – Pack A Waste-Free Lunch

  1. Mel

    I love these tips of the week, definitely has me rethinking a lot of products I use. Keep em coming!

  2. Mark

    I saw this and reconsidered how I pack a lunch. I got some great supplies from a website called four green steps, now I don’t throw any of my lunch (or containers) away.

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  4. Liz

    It doesn’t only reduce waste, but saves you money by re-using containers. It also teaches our kids how to care for their future.

  5. Taylor

    I really love these tips! But where can I find reusable bags? My plastic bags are always gunky and disgusting.

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