Tip of the Week – Make Your Own Baby Food

By | August 17, 2010

Homemade Baby FoodIt may sound difficult, but making homemade organic baby food at home is super simple and has huge benefits for your baby, the environment and your wallet.

All you need to do is buy fresh organic fruits & veggies at the local farmer’s market, cook them and blend/puree. You can even make extra and freeze in reusable single serving containers or in ice cube trays for later use.

By doing the leg work yourself you know what’s actually going into your baby’s food, giving yourself peace of mind that your baby is getting the freshest organic foods.

4 thoughts on “Tip of the Week – Make Your Own Baby Food

  1. Alma

    I have always made my girls home made baby food from fresh fruit and veggies.
    It is so simple, especially if you own one of those masticating juicers that grind baby food.
    No need to panic! These can be bought for under 100$…
    (Tip- go for the Omega Juicer).

  2. Charlotte

    When my twins were small we always used to try and make our own when we had the time. They actually preffered it to the jars you can buy. I am sure it also reduces fussy eating as they get older.

  3. healthy children's recipes

    Encourage healthy eating habits, Elimination of additives, Improved freshness, Lower costs are some of the benefits of home made baby food and I also think it’s is much pure and healthier.

  4. anika

    ok i am doing a school project on making your own baby food and i need to know some reasons why it is good for the envirment?

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