The Green Clean – Eco-Friendly Home Cleaners

By | November 30, 2007

Lawrence Comras (or Axel) from Green Home, The Environmental Store has some really great home cleaning products, that are awesome eco-friendly alternatives to the toxic traditional cleaners. He shows them off here in this NBC News, Today spring cleaning segment, giving a live demonstration of the products on windows & counter tops, proving that they work just as well as the chemically filled cleaners.

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    DMS Carpet Cleaning offers green/organic cleaning products. These green cleaners are top notch and have exceeded our expectations ,so much so, that we use them even on commercial carpet cleaning jobs! Who said it’s not easy being green? Some of the cleaners we use even surpass “green” cleaning standards and, unlike are competitors, we offer these cleaning solutions for no additional cost. DMS Carpet Cleaners services Fairfield County Ct. Inlcuding :Greenwich,Stamford,Norwalk and Fairfield Ct.

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  5. Greengo

    DMS Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners Fairfield ,Connecticut offers natural organic cleaning products for retail. These products include: Biokleen’s Bac-Out and Spray n Wipe. These are some of the carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions we use every day with excellent results. If you are located in Greenwich,Stamford,Norwalk ,Fairfield or anywhere in between check us out at

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    Green cleaning is not entirely new to many families. The older generations have used for a long time, because of the simplicity and the easy availability of ingredients. The materials, such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemons have used our great grandmothers, because they were readily available in homes and were less expensive than brand name products on the market. These natural products are available again, but now has a different reason, which is a greener way of life.

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    Regular cleaning of carpet is also beneficial from a health point of view. It helps control bacteria, dust and other harmful elements. Regular cleaning of carpets also enhances its life and longevity. Your carpet will last longer and it will certainly reduce your budget on this particular account.

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