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Tip of the Week – Hand Wash Plastics

We all love the dishwasher, it’s easy & super convenient for all of us on the go. But when it comes to plastic tupperware, you need to dodge that dishwasher and hand wash plastic items instead. That’s because hot water & automatic dishwasher detergents break down plastics and increase chemical leaching. The best thing to… Read More »

Tip of the Week – Oxygen Bleaches

It’s laundry time again & you have a nasty stain on your bright white shirt! Instead of using a chlorine bleach, which is extremely harmful when released into the environment, think about using an oxygen or hydrogen based bleach. What are Oxygen Bleaches? Oxygen bleaches are materials that release oxygen for cleaning and bleaching of… Read More »

Tip of the Week – Park Your Car In The Shade

When it is hot outside try to park your vehicle in a shady spot. This will help you save on fuel in 2 different ways. The first is the obvious of keeping your vehicle cooler, which means you’ll run your air conditioner less, resulting in a substantial savings. The second is that it helps decrease… Read More »

Tip of the Week – Kick Off Your Shoes

Taking off your shoes at the door is not only a polite custom, but it also prevents you from tracking in unwanted dirt, pesticides, & other nasty toxins from the outdoors into your home. Keep your family healthy by getting a doormat for outside your front door & an entryway rug for inside your home.… Read More »

Tip of the Week – Be Kind To Runoff Water

The water we use outside eventually flows to streams and lakes, so be careful and think about what you are sending. Never dump chemicals outside into the street drain. And always wash your car at a car wash to keep soapy water & oily dirt from running down the driveway and into the street drain.