Product of the Week – The FruitGuys

By | February 11, 2010

The FruitGuysI love fresh organic fruit! Who doesn’t?
But it is so hard to find at the chain supermarket stores & who has the time to run around for it.

Well, since 1998 The FruitGuys have been delivering it to you!

The FruitGuys was founded on the premise that bringing healthy brain food to the office can boost productivity, improve wellness and help companies improve their bottom lines. They provide fresh seasonal organic fruit from local farms to thousands of American businesses. The FruitGuys now also deliver to homes, schools & even dorm rooms.

The FruitGuys support the environment in many ways. One is by using eco-friendly packaging. Their uniquely designed boxes are made from between 75% to 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard (depending on area) and printed with soy-based inks. And in the San Francisco Bay Area, The FruitGuys even pick the used boxes up for reuse.

Eat healthy today by ordering from The FruitGuys!

One thought on “Product of the Week – The FruitGuys

  1. ECC

    Hmm, second time today I have read about this, must be a sign or something. I will check it out, I am not always great about eating my fruit and veggies, but if they are around make it happen!

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