Product of the Week – I-Go Car Sharing

By | December 12, 2007

I-Go Car Sharing LogoThere is this new non-profit company committed to economical and environmentally sound transportation choices in Chicago. Their name is I-Go, and they are committed to reduce car ownership rates, lower family transportation costs, reduce urban congestion and improve air quality in all neighborhoods. How does I-Go do it…well, with car sharing. Car sharing reduces the individual and the societal costs of driving, making it an eco-friendly choice for transportation.

They made the whole process really simple, and very green by providing members with access to energy efficient vehicles on an hourly basis, that are reserved online or over the phone beforehand. I-Go’s has all types of vehicles which are located all over the Chicagoland area and are often within a five-minute walk of members homes or work…very convenient.

Not only is I-Go convenient, but they are also very affordable. No more car payments, insurance payments, maintenance, etc. using I-Go can save Chicago residents up to $3,000 per year. There is a one-time membership fee of $75, but after that you pay by the hour, and the hourly rate includes gas, plus insurance.

To use I-Go is a simple 6 step process:
1- Join
Becoming a member takes 5-7 business days.
2- Reserve the car
Reserve a car via the web or over the phone.
3- Pick up the car
Parked in easy, safe and accessible 24-hr reserved parking spots. No paperwork & no lines.
4- Drive the car
You use a Smartcard to unlock the door & the keys are located in the glove compartment. You use your keys to lock the car during your trip.
5- Return the car
Return the car to the reserved parking spot. Keys go back into the glove compartment and you lock the door with your Smartcard.
6- Billing
Onboard computers tally the number of hours and miles that you drive on each trip.

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