Product of the Week – EARTHTEC Apparel

By | September 9, 2010

EARTHTECEARTHTECH is an environmentally responsible lifestyle apparel brand located in New Hampshire, USA. They create quality apparel from recycled plastic bottles.

EARTHTEC takes PET & HDPE plastics (like water bottles, food containers such as ketchup and non-food containers for items like cleaning products) and puts them through a process which cleans, shreds, and melts the bottles. They then create recycled fiber from the plastic that rivals virgin polyester. From this recycled fiber, EARTHTEC has created a whole apparel collection. Each garment prevents approximately 12 plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill.

EARTHTEC fleece clothes are super soft, very cozy and just a great layer to wear on those colder days. Buy yours today!

6 thoughts on “Product of the Week – EARTHTEC Apparel

  1. Glass Bottles

    I love earthtech. I am a huge supporter of the kind of work they do, it is one of the best ways I have seen a company make a difference.

  2. Mike

    I bought an earthtec jacket, and it is great that it is recycled and all, but it is just a great jacket in its own right. I pretty much wore it all last fall and winter.

  3. Recycled Plastic

    I had written in another comment asking for places to purchase a recycled plastic fleece jacket. I guess I’ve found the answer! Thanks for sharing this.

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