Product of the Week – All Natural Lip Balm

By | February 4, 2010

lip balmAvoid nasty chapped lips this Valentine’s Day by using an all natural lip balm. It’s eco-friendly & will keep your lips moisturized without using any harmful additives.

Natural Lip Balm is usually made from natural products like beeswax, honey or peppermint. Vitamin E & shea butter are also all-natural moisturizers often used as a main ingredient in many lip balms, just check the label to make sure the other ingredients aren’t harmful.

2 thoughts on “Product of the Week – All Natural Lip Balm

  1. Jamie

    I love this stuff! It really is a great product. It does what it says it does! My family and I are trying to become more conscious of what we put on/in our bodies and also what we are doing to preserve our planet. I found to be very helpful as well. Check it out!

  2. I Wilkerson

    Natural Lip Balm is a perfect product for winter! When you consider which brands to purchase, you may want to look at some of the many delightful handcrafted lip balms that are available on the internet or at local shops and farmers markets. Although a number of the natural pioneer companies have been purchased by large corporations, there are still many small businesses that are devoted to high quality, natural ingredients.

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