Living Off The Grid In An Earthship

By | May 10, 2011

Earthship is a radically sustainable green building made of recycled materials and powered by the sun & the wind, catching water, treating sewage, heating and cooling through thermal dynamics and growing food. It’s extreme Green living at it’s best by architect Michael Reynolds.

Here’s a detailed look inside an Earthship:

5 thoughts on “Living Off The Grid In An Earthship

  1. plumbing

    Wow! It looks so interesting. I’m just wondering how the inventor came up with such kind of idea. Simply great!

  2. Andrea Carrazana

    Genius! It seems to cover everything.

  3. Jeramy

    This is really tough but you have made it so easy. It is incredible.If more people do this we can really make a difference on our environmental impact and can save energy as well as money.
    Living off the grid

  4. Rick V.

    Simply brilliant. Toll Brothers look out. The world need mass production of Reynold’s application.

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