DIY Upcycled Book Planter

By | July 18, 2011

Looking to class up your average flower planters around the house? Try this unique and fun DIY project by Chrisjob over at Curbly that turns an old used book into a gorgeous one-of-a-kind planter.

upcycled book planterSupplies Needed:

  • Book
  • Electric drill
  • Hole saw
  • Safety glasses
  • Dusk mask
  • Scrap wood – 2 pieces
  • Clamp
  • Exacto Knife
  • Screen
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • White glue & small paint brush
  • Clear polyurethane spray
  • Plant with a shallow root system & dirt

Step by Step Directions:

Via: Curbly

7 thoughts on “DIY Upcycled Book Planter

  1. bucket truck

    wow this is beautiful great Idea, I will try to do this my self and hopefully it will look as good as yours

  2. LED tubes

    This is very unique. I haven’t seen anything like this before. There are a lot of things that recycling can do.

  3. Bota

    This is brilliant! Very pretty and creative, I wish we could use more of the old stuff this way!
    For the planter, i think maybe a thicker book would be better for a tree like that 😛 I know it will be short of space soon 🙂

  4. Rodent Control Portland

    Great idea. I tried it with some old text books and the results are bind-blowing. Of all the expensive things in my house this is the number one conversation piece. Great blog.

  5. Joe Heinbaugh

    This is a really cool idea. As a person who cannot pass up cool old books, this gives me a nice option to do something a little different with my collection. Thanks for the write up.

  6. Sustainable Living

    Interesting idea, would probably work well with bamboo or other plants that don’t have a large root ball. This is something my daughter and I could do together. Nice idea. Anyone have a good suggestion of the best plant(s) to use?

  7. Alex

    I absolutely love this idea! I love books and I love plants, its a match made in heaven. I kind of want to try it with a bromeliad and see how it does.

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