DIY – Plastic Bag Rug

By | September 2, 2010

Plastic Bag Rug
I love this crocheted rug created from upcycled plastic bags by RecycleCindy over at My Recycled Bags. It totally reminds me of the ones my grandma used to make out of scrap fabric and would have all over her house.

Cindy used recycled bags from bread, hotdog & hamburger buns, paper towel & TP packaging, etc. to create this rug. She first makes her plastic yarn (or “plarn”), then uses an N (9) crochet hook and does a single crochet throughout.

I think these rugs are just a super fun throwback and a great way to recycle your plastic trash.

A special thanks to RecycleCindy for sharing her DIY crafts with us.

3 thoughts on “DIY – Plastic Bag Rug

  1. RecycleCindy

    Hi — I saw your link back and just wanted to drop in to say thank you for promoting crafting with recycled materials. The cool part is that the rug was free to make and uses up lots of plastic trash in the process. Best wishes and hope to stop by again to visit your site.

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