DIY Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets

By | March 30, 2010

Easter is almost here – Sunday, April 4th!

Instead of buying brand new Easter baskets for all your colored eggs, try making your own eco-friendly baskets. Here are 3 super Green homemade Easter basket ideas using items around your house & kitchen.

Materials You Will Need:DIY Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Berry baskets
  • Plastic clamshell container
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Stickers
  • Ribbon
  • Silk or real flowers
  • Juice or milk carton
  • Colored paper

Berry Easter Basket
Use a berry basket, loop some ribbon through the slots, and put a pipe cleaner through the sides as a handle. This petite basket makes a great Easter party favor or teacher gift.
DIY Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets 3

Clamshell Easter Basket
Use a plastic container that produce or baked goods are packaged in at the grocery store, and simply punched one hole on each side of the clamshell, then loop a pipe cleaner through the holes to make the handle. You can also decorate it with paint, stickers, or really anything.
DIY Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets 4

Carton Easter Basket
1. Another basket idea is to use an empty juice or milk carton — rinse out and air dry.
2. Next, cut out the side that has the spout.
DIY Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets 5
3. Take your colored paper and measure it against the carton, tracing out each side, then covering each side with the colored paper, using either tape or glue.
DIY Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets 6
4. Take another piece of colored paper and cut out a long piece about 2 inches wide for your handle. Staple it to the carton. You can use flowers or stickers to cover the staple.
DIY Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets 7
5. Decorate your basket with stickers, let your child color or paint it, put flowers on it. Get creative – options are endless!
DIY Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets 8

A special thanks to Petite Planet for sharing their Easter eco-crafts with us!

4 thoughts on “DIY Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets

  1. Italia Stephens

    Thanks for the ideas. Something that is both eco friendly and educational. Great way to spend quality time with the family.

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  3. BestGreenOffer

    I agree with Italia, this is definitely a great eco-twist on the old fashioned easter egg dying and basket making.


  4. Abby Whyte

    Some great ideas there. Another one you can do is to get the old wooden crates from your local fruit and veg guy (Ours is normally delighted to gfet rid of them) if you then fill these with straw that you can normally pinch off a horsey friend and this makes a great Easter GiftEaster Gift Basket. You can then fill it with all sorts of treats. My nephews and neices love them.

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