DIY – Beret From Old Shirt

By | August 23, 2010

Got an old shirt that doesn’t fit you anymore? Instead of tossing it out, up-cycle it into a new cute beret for you, a friend, or a little one!

DIY - Beret From Old Shirt

MJ over at eco crafts shows us how to do this with her step-by -step tutorial.

Supplies Needed:

  • Old shirt
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Optional: elastic

beret tutorial

Step 1:
Cut out the fabric pieces shown in the image above: a circle with a diameter of 40 cm; another identical circle but with a 27 cm hole cut out of the middle; and a band 15 cm high by about 56 cm wide (you should measure your own head for this number; leave room for a seam but not too much room or else the hat won’t be snug enough. If you want to use elastic, cut a longer rectangle.)

Step 2:
Sew the donut-shaped piece to the circle, right sides together (the right side is the outside)

Step 3:
After you sew these together, you will have a seam on the inside of the hat. Go through and cut little triangles out of it, making sure not to hit the seam line. This helps the hat bend properly.

beret tutorial

Step 4:
Sew the head band piece (the rectangular one) into a loop, making sure you sew the right sides together with a 6 mm stitch. Now, fold the band in half, right sides out, so that it is 7.5 cm high.

Step 5:
Sew the band to the rest of the hat, right sides together; the circumference of the donut will be longer than the circumference of the head band, so you will have to gather the donut piece; you can either gather as you stitch it onto the band, or baste the donut-shaped piece and gather it that way, proceeding to sew the band on afterward.

A special thanks to MJ & eco crafts for sharing their up-cycling crafts with us!

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