Compost Cab – Composting Made Easy

By | May 17, 2010

Composting maybe great for the environment but it’s still a dirty, messy, smelly business with plenty of reasons not to do it. But what if you could called upon someone to handle all the dirty details of composting and make it as easy as 1,2,3?

Introducing… Compost Cab!

What is Compost Cab?Compost Cab
Compost Cab is a way to compost that doesn’t stink. It is a new service about to launch in the Washington, DC area making reduce, reuse, recycle simple.

  1. Compost Cab provides you with a bin.
  2. You fill the bin with what you used to call garbage: food scraps, coffee grounds, all sorts of organic trash.
  3. Compost Cab will pick the bin up once a week, leaving behind a fresh clean bin with a new liner.
  4. Compost Cab then turns your organic trash into fertile soil.
  5. After that it’s up to you: keep some fertile soil for yourself, or Compost Cab can donate it for you to a local, not-for-profit urban farmer who grows sustainable, nutritious food for the community.

The cost for Compost Cab is a simple $8 per week per bin with no long-term commitments.

I absolutely love this idea & can’t wait for Compost Cab to hit Chicago!

2 thoughts on “Compost Cab – Composting Made Easy

  1. greenilo

    This is a great idea to reduce waste. Lets hope it will create a difference.

  2. Melissa King

    The Compost Cab sounds like a clever idea for urban dwellers who cannot collect their own biodegradable scraps for garden use. My concern is with the extra carbon being put into the air with the weekly pick-up service. One neat idea doesn’t necessarily translate into environmental benefits. For example, solutions that involve additional driving in conventional gas-consuming vehicles may do more harm than good.

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