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Your guide to eco-friendly tips to greenify your everyday life.

Macworld’s 8 ways to go green

Want to make your office a more energy efficient one? Check out this article posted a few months back by Macworld. It features tips and tricks to going green at the office with your Mac. My favorite tip is number 7 – Let your keyboard do the flying. “Traveling not only requires that you spend… Read More »

Tip of the Week – Reduce Trash From Restaurant Takeout

Reusing and recycling are important, but reduce is the best of the three R’s. The next time you order food delivered or get takeout, ask the restaurant to leave out the paper plates, plastic forks & knifes and extra condiments and use your own instead. This little amount of reduction of paper and plastic will… Read More »

Tip of the Week – Online Banking

With the wonders of internet technology, many banks now offer online banking as an option to their customers. Using this option is a great way to go green. Not only does this cut down on the use of paper, but with each bill you pay online, you also save a stamp. Save money & be… Read More »

Composting your Halloween Pumpkins

The pumpkin is one of the most eco-friendly holiday decorations out there. It is 100% natural, yet a majority of the nature gets thrown out once you’ve carved them. This autumn, don’t just throw away the flesh from your pumpkin…compost it. This simple solution to use the whole pumpkin will not only decrease the amount… Read More »

Tip of the Week – Travel Mugs

Think about how many people go for their morning cup of java at the local coffee house and get served in a disposable paper cup with a plastic top & a cardboard sleeve? Yeah, it’s probably a lot. Now consider what goes into making these disposable products and the impact they have on the environment.… Read More »

Non-toxic cleaners

Wouldn’t you rather have your home truly clean, rather than covered in toxic chemicals? Try making your own non-toxic cleaners at home. It’s easy! The crew over at ecocycle have compiled recipes for all your cleaning needs. From the basic household cleaners to metal polishes, and even a flea repellent for your pets. All recipes… Read More »