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Wal-Mart’s Carbon Footprint

On November 15, 2007, Wal-Mart released a comprehensive report of its sustainability efforts, outlining initiatives and highlighting their progress since October 2005, when they promised to sharply reduce the environmental effects of its operations and of the products it sells. The report provided lots of facts and figures about their progress; however did not appease… Read More »

Which Country is the Biggest CO2 Emitter

The Center for Global Development has unveiled it’s online database, Carbon Monitoring for Action or CARMA, which is the first worldwide database of power plants’ carbon-dioxide emissions. The database provides a detailed inventory of power plants’ CO2 emissions by region across the globe. It includes information from 4,000 utilities and 50,000 plants, shows the biggest… Read More »

Chicago’s Green Renaissance

What is Chicago doing to become a greener city? RiverWired gives the inside scoop in this video. Check out Chicago’s City Hall roof, it’s municipal vehicles, the accessible recycling programs, and the new Center for Green Technology which was built on a former industrial waste site.

Teen Thoughts on Green Issues

Teens on Venice Beach, CA talk about their thoughts on environmental issues, who they feel is at fault for the current problems and what they can do.

Macworld’s 8 ways to go green

Want to make your office a more energy efficient one? Check out this article posted a few months back by Macworld. It features tips and tricks to going green at the office with your Mac. My favorite tip is number 7 – Let your keyboard do the flying. “Traveling not only requires that you spend… Read More »

Go Green Initiative

One of the best things we can do for our planet is to teach others how to live an eco friendly sustainable life, especially the children. There is this awesome program out there designed to do just this. The Go Green Initiative was founded in 2002 to unite parents, students, teachers and school administrators in… Read More »