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Magniwork – The Ultimate DIY Kit For Energy Independence

Want to live off the grid with a generator which creates free electric energy? Seams too good to be true. Well, it is true with Magniwork’s ultimate DIY kit for a free energy generator.

What is the Magniwork DIY Kit?

Magniwork is the ultimate DIY kit for energy independence. Magniwork includes a complete guide of over 50 pages of detailed instructions to help you build your own generator that will supply free energy for your home. No need for fancy solar panels or expensive wind turbines. Plus, Magniwork provides full technical support for each generator DIY kit.
Magniwork Free Energy

How does the Magniwork Generator work?

Magniwork is a zero point magnetic power generator. It uses magnets, and magnetic force to induce perpetual motion. A perpetual motion device refers to a machine that runs perpetually or indefinitely, and produces a larger amount of energy than it consumes. Thus, it produces energy indefinitely without stopping, runs by itself, and no need for a third-party device or resource (like wind or solar) to power it. As a result, creating a completely free electrical energy which can fully power your home for free.

Say goodbye to big electric power bills and hello to Magniwork’s complete DIY guide for a free energy generator.

Tip of the Week – Cut Kitchen Waste

Call it thrifty or old fashion, but to cut kitchen waste you’ll need to cook like grandma used to. It’s easy, doesn’t take much extra time and the reward is eco-friendly goodness.Cut Kitchen Waste

4 Waste Cutting Kitchen Tips

  1. Use up leftovers. You don’t have to eat the same thing over and over; try incorporating them into new recipes instead of letting them sit in the fridge.
  2. Don’t go to restaurants or order take-out. By cooking at home you’ll save money, and you’ll avoid the waste from extra take-out packaging.
  3. Don’t just cook. Cook from scratch. Whole, natural ingredients are better for you. Avoid the pre-packaged stuff, and you’ll avoid preservatives, additives and the wasted packaging material.
  4. Be thrifty. But don’t be thrifty by buying cheap stuff. Try to pick appliances and other big items that are durable & will last you a long time.

Product of the Week – Steinlager Pure Beer

Steinlager Pure BeerIt may not be summer yet, but Chicago is heating up this Valentine’s week! And what better then to quench your thirst in this heat wave then with an eco-friendly Steinlager Pure Beer from New Zealand.

Steinlager Pure is smooth and refreshing with no additives, or preservatives made from New Zealand water, malted barley, hops and yeast.

Steinlager Pure is brewed with the highest integrity and follows rigorous sustainability practices in order to maintain the unaffected nature of its surroundings and allow for environmentally friendly brewing. The Pride Brewery uses 10% less energy in the brewing process, low energy lighting and harvests rainwater for non-brewing purposes. Steinlager also has a record of reduced water use and CO2 emissions, as well as recycling, reusing or value-adding to more than 99% of the solid waste generated.

Steinlager Pure is a great gift for any Valentine who loves beer & the earth. Buy yours today!

Product of the Week – Trtlbot iPhone Cases

TRTL BOT iPhone CasesTrtlbot is a Los Angeles based company that designs eco-functional iPhone accessories. All of their eco-friendly shells are made in California from reclaimed plastic from recycled bottles.

Their two new iPhone 4 cases, Minimalist 4 & Trtl Stand 4, are more than just cases to protect your precious phone. Minimalist 4 has a slot on the back with enough room for an ID and a credit card, while the Trtl Stand 4 has a kickstand to prop your phone up for watching videos or face to face chatting.

These two cases make it clear that Trtlbot acknowledge the importance of functionality, while not losing anything on the design front and still staying eco-friendly. These cases look amazing and are available here.

Tip of the Week – Pack A Waste-Free Lunch

Did you know that the average American school-age child throws away 67 pounds of food packaging a year? This includes plastic water bottles, sandwich baggies, and juice boxes. That equates to 18,760 pounds of lunch waste for just one average-size elementary school. That’s a lot of trash!

Next week start reducing those numbers by packing a waste-free lunch for your kids and/or for your day at work. It’s really easy, just follow these simple 5 steps and you’ll cut down your waste in no time.Pack A Waste-Free Lunch

5 Tips for a Waste-Free Lunch:

  1. Pack food in reusable lunch containers, like Kids Konserve
  2. Wash & reuse real silverware and cloth napkins when needed
  3. Store juice, water or other beverages in a reusable BPA free stainless steel bottles
  4. Control food portions to ensure that there are no leftovers to dispose of
  5. Pack it all in a reusable lunch bag or tote

DIY New Year’s Eve Noisemaker

New Year’s eve is this Friday! Bring in the new year with this eco-friendly upcycled soda can noisemaker. It’s a simple DIY project that can even be done with the kids.
new years noisemaker final

Supplies Needed:

  • Fun image printed on lightweight or medium weight photo paper.
  • Empty pull-top, 12 oz., aluminum soda can.
  • Wood dowel, 1/4″ diameter, about 18″ long (or something similar)
  • Dried beans, pebbles, dried pasta or something similar.
  • Medium cardboard, like tag board.
  • Decorating supplies like yarn, sequins, paint, glitter, etc.
  • Double stick tape or spray adhesive.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Tin snips (metal-cutting scissors).
  • Scissors or paper cutter.
  • Hole punch (1/4″ hole).
  • Fine-tooth wood saw for cutting the dowel.

Let’s Get Started:

Step 1:
Cut a roughly 1″ hole in the center of the top of the can with tin snips.
new years noisemaker step 1

Step 2:
Measure the inset top of the can (ours was 1 7/8″ in diameter) and cut a cardboard circle that fits. Punch a 1/4″ hole in the center of the cardboard circle.

Step 3:
Cut the dowel to about 18″ long with the saw.

Step 4:
Shoot a large glob of hot glue down into the center of the bottom of the can. Working fast, insert the dowel and stick it in the glue as close to the center as possible. Hold it until the glue hardens.
new years noisemaker step 4

Step 5:
Drop in a small handful of dried beans.

Step 6:
Put the dowel through the hole in the cardboard circle. Apply hot glue around the inset top of the can and press the cardboard circle onto it until the glue hardens.
new years noisemaker step 6

Step 7:
Paint the can and dowel a fun color.
new years noisemaker step 7

Step 8:
Print & trim your image. Adhere it around the can with double stick tape. Be sure the top of the image is facing the right way and that the dowel is at the bottom.

Step 9:
Let’s decorate! Get creative here. You can use yarn and make some fringe or a pom-pom. Find odds and ends around the house to glue on like sequin, small buttons, glitter, etc.
new years noisemaker step 9

Step 10:
Party Time!

A special thanks to the folks over at Vintage Image Craft for sharing their eco-crafts with us!