5 Environment Product Labels & What They Mean

By | September 19, 2008

Every wonder what labels actually mean on products?
Here are 5 eco-labels that draw attention to the good that their products do for the environment.

USDA Organic LabelUSDA Organic

What it means: Food is produced without antibiotics, genetic engineering or most synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides.
Seen on food products.

Rainforest Alliance LabelRainforest Alliance Certified

What it means: Companies harvesting the food practice soil and water conservation. They also reduce the use of pesticides.
Seen on coffee, chocolate, bananas.

Fair Trade Certified LabelFair Trade Certified

What it means: Food that is grown on small farms and the farmers receive a fair price when they sell their goods.
Seen on coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit, rice, sugar

Certified Humane LabelCertified Humane

What it means: Animals raised for dairy, meat, and poultry products are treated humanely. Growth hormones are prohibited, and animals are raised on a diet without antibiotics.
Seen on eggs and meat.

Green Seal Label

Green Seal

What it means: Products are evaluated for environmental impact. They must meet recycling and bleaching standards.
Seen on napkins, paper, towels, and toilet paper.

6 thoughts on “5 Environment Product Labels & What They Mean

  1. Roberta Anderson

    People will want to look for Food Alliance Certified too for products grown in the US. It provides third party certification for compliance with rigorous standards covering care for the environment, safe and fair working conditions and humane animal treatment, all in one! http://www.foodalliance.org.

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