Top 5 Ways To Use Technology To Live A Greener Life

By | March 12, 2008

One of the easiest ways to green-ify your life is to use technology. Technology can help you cut down on paper waste, trash sent to the landfill, as well as save yourself money & time. Here are the top 5 ways to use technology to live a greener life and lessen your carbon footprint on the environment.

1- News – Read news & celebrity gossip online instead of receiving a daily newspaper or weekly magazine
2- Cards – Send e-Cards & e-Invite instead of traditional cards & invites
3- Meetings – Set up a video conference with iChat AV & iSight instead of traveling for meetings
4- Bills – Use online bill pay to pay your bills instead of mailing them in the traditional way
5- Music – Download your favorite music from iTunes instead of buying a new CD

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