Top 5 Ways To Reuse An Old Comforter

By | November 9, 2009

ComforterGot an old comforter or blanket that needs a second life, consider these top 5 ways to reuse an old comforter:

1- Duvet Cover – Instead of replacing the entire comforter, stitch shut any holes and slide it into a new duvet cover for a fresh look.
2- Donate – Local homeless, battered women’s, or animal shelter are always in need of good blankets.
3- Keep in Car – For an impromptu picnic or for the kids to snuggle under during a late night car ride.
4- Reuse Stuffing – Most comforters are filled with polyester fiber which is also good for stuffing animals, pillows, & other craft pojects as it is non-flammable.
5- Garden Helper – Use an organic or vintage cotton comforter in the garden as a weed barrier instead of plastic sheeting. Lay the blanket down and cover with six to twelve inches of top soil.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Ways To Reuse An Old Comforter

  1. Go Green

    I agree 100%.. Often times, people just throw their old things in the trash. That pollutes the landfills, but also there are people that could be using those old things….especially in this recession!

    Great ideas!

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