Top 5 Green Holiday Travel Tips

By | December 3, 2009

Green Holiday Travel TipsTraveling this holiday season? Consider these top 5 easy, eco-effective travel tips:

1- Pack Lightly.
The more weight you carry on, the more fuel the train, plane, automobile, or boat will use. So don’t pack unnecessarily stuff. If you are traveling with companions only bring one of something that can be shared, like toothpaste & shaving cream. Also, find out if the hotel or host has a hairdryer or other appliances, to avoid packing them. And remember, shoes & boots add major weight to a bag, so try to keep extras to a minimum.

2- Take The Bus Or Train.

  • According to the UCS, a couple who go by bus instead of flying coach will reduce their carbon dioxde emissions by 55 to 75%, depending upon the distance traveled. Even if 2 travelers use a fuel-efficient hybrid car, a bus trip will cut their trip emissions in half.
  • UCS researchers report that a train emits 60% less carbon per passenger mile than a car with a single occupant. Compared to a 500-mile trip on a small jet plane, a train emits 30% less carbon.


3- Choose A Direct Flight.
If you are flying this holiday try to find a non-stop flight. Not only will it save you time, it is a greener choice.

4- Go Before You Fly.
Use the airport lavatory, not the one on the plane, since, believe it or not, the fuel used for every mile-high flush could run a car for six miles.

5- Look For Green Hotels.
Look around for eco-friendly lodging that has efficient lighting and water fixtures, alternative fuel vehicles, and that recycles.

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Green Holiday Travel Tips

  1. twawki

    Good idea to also check the weather forecast. As the sun slumbers and the world cools you may need to pack to prepare!

  2. chris

    I’ve got a great + super simple tip. The next time you’re purchasing a gift card– go for the electronic (and paperless) option, an eGift card. Each year, 75 millions lbs of PVC is dumped into landfills from plastic gift card waste (Plenty Magazine). That’s an astronomical amount of waste for something that can easily and conveniently be sent virtually. PVC is notoriously difficult to recycle and cannot be tossed into the recycling bin along side your other household items. You must send those pesky plastic cards to a PVC recycling plant, the only one I know of is EarthWorks. For a directory of retailers that offer an eGift card, try …it is the most extensive one I have found to date. Hope that helped.

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