Tip of the Week – Use Organic Shampoo

By | April 13, 2009

Next time you are out shopping for shampoo look for products that are all natural or organic. Organic shampoos & other hair care products have lots of benefits including the absence of synthetic surfactants. Having these types of harmful chemicals on our bodies can lead to the development of cancer and other serious illnesses. Plus these toxic chemicals can persist through waste water treatment plants and septic systems to then end up in ground and surface water.

The following are ingredients you should try to avoid when selecting shampoos and conditioners, this list contains ingredients that dry out your scalp, irritate oil glands, and/or corrode hair follicles:Organic Shampoo

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfates
  • Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Derivatives of Lauryl Alcohol
  • Mureth Sulfate
  • Propylene Glycol (Antifreeze)
  • Olefin Sulfonate (Deodorized Kerosene)

Doctor’s Note: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is known to cause cataracts in adults and improper eye development in children. Despite this knowledge, this ingredient is commonly used in most store-bought shampoos and conditioners.

5 thoughts on “Tip of the Week – Use Organic Shampoo

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  3. Skin Blossom

    It is really important to use organic shampoos as the scalp absorbs so much. Just be careful about the ingredients on the label of your products. Try for a product that is iver 70% organic and 99% natural.

  4. Alex

    Verifying the ingredients of the shampoo is so important. Buying based on the brand of the product and its claim can lead you to buy something that isn’t natural so always check the ingredients before buying!

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