Tip of the Week – Switch to a Corded Phone

By | March 10, 2010

retro_phoneHere’s an easy tip to save big on electricity…Switch that cordless phone to an old-fashioned corded version.

How is this eco you ask?

Well, cordless phones are energy vampires, just sitting in a recharging cradle they suck up power. Cordless phones use between 2 and 3 watts in both active & standby modes, according to tests by Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, and about 60% of cordless phone energy use occurs during standby time.

Conventional corded phones use only a trickle of electricity, and that comes through the phone line. Plus, such phones will work even if the power supply to your home is cut off in a storm or another emergency.

So stop wasting electricity today & switch out those cordless phones.

3 thoughts on “Tip of the Week – Switch to a Corded Phone

  1. Chris

    I’m sympathetic to the cause and the argument, but find it hard to believe that cordless phones are anywhere near as thirsty as 99.99% of other home appliances: plasmas, stereo amplifiers, over sized refrigerators, microwave ovens, conventional light bulbs …

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