Tip of the Week – Recycling Your Christmas Tree

By | January 2, 2008

As the holidays come to an end, and the clean up begins, the big question is how to dispose of your Christmas tree. Natural Christmas trees have a few eco-friendly afterlife options…

1- Compost
Real trees are 100 percent biodegradable, and can be added to your compost pile. There is a tad bit of work included here as you can’t just throw a whole Christmas tree onto a compost heap. You will need to reduce the tree into compost-friendly shavings, either by hand or with a shredder.

2- Mulch
You can recycle your tree into mulch for hiking trails in gardens or parks. Most communities offer a program where you either drop off your tree to a designated drop-off site or some cities offer curbside pick up. Check with local resources for more information.

3- Shelter
Real tress can also be converted into shelters for birds, chipmunks and other small wildlife by placing it in your backyard and adding a few snacks like breadcrumbs or birdseed.

4- Erosion Prevention
In some cities they have recycled Christmas trees into barriers for shoreline stabilization and beach front erosion prevention. Check with local resources for more information.

5- Fuel
If you have fireplace or a wood burning stove consider chopping up your tree to use as firewood to heat your home.

For more information:
To find out more information on your community Christmas tree recycling program, you can contact either the local parks and recreation department, public works department, the mayor’s office, National Christmas Tree Association, or Earth 911.

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