Tip of the Week – Keep a Pitcher of Water in Your Fridge

By | September 15, 2009

Water pitcherTo fill a container of water from the tap and place it in your fridge is such a simple thing to do that provides many energy & water savings, plus benefits for your health.

  • Save Energy A pitcher full of water will help your refrigerator keep your food cool more efficiently, much like how a cold ice pack works in a cooler.
  • Save Water – You won’t have to let the tap run to obtain a cool temperature, because you have cold water in your fridge already to go.
  • Health Benefits – By having cool water ready to go, you’ll be more likely to drink more, keeping hydrated while avoiding sugar-loaded sodas and other alternatives.
  • Health Benefits – When tap water sits for a while (particularly when uncovered), much of the chlorine that is present from the filtration plant evaporates out. This means you’re enjoying a tastier drink, and cutting down on the toxins that enter your body.

5 thoughts on “Tip of the Week – Keep a Pitcher of Water in Your Fridge

  1. Tim

    If everyone headed the basic tips in this short article, it would likely cut down a significant percentage off those that end up with health issues, and the preventative side of the health care conversation seems to be hiding in the background.

    On top of this, many people are drinking mis-named energy drinks and soft drinks and paying a high price for it. If one does want a healthy non-sugar drink without the artificial sweeteners that are worse than the sugar itself, its almost impossible.

    I did find out about a remarkable one recently, that was launched a couple weeks back on Sept 1st, ( focusuponline.com ), but if one confines their choices to the grocery store isle, they will be there a long time.

    Hydration may be the most overlooked factor when it comes to staying well and I thank you for shining the light on it.

  2. Jennifer

    This was a really good post about keeping a pitcher of water in the fridge. You gave some interesting facts that I did not know. I will be keeping a pitcher of water in my fridge from now on. Thanks.


    Keeping our bodies hydrated is very important especially when one tends to drink more coffee or softdrinks. Having water easily accessible is great especially when you have little ones. Thanks for sharing.

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