Tip of the Week – Indoor Clothesline

By | March 23, 2009

A great way to save energy is to hang your laundry up to dry. But if you live where it rains a lot or you don’t have an outdoor space…what do you do? Well, I created an indoor clothesline. You can do this in a few different ways. What I found to work well is to hang a springrod across the top of your tub. Put your wet clothes on hangers, fold towels over hangers and clothespin socks and undies to the hangers. Then, when your clothes drip, the water goes right into the tub. This is a no mess, no expense, & an easy way to go green in your everyday life.

18 thoughts on “Tip of the Week – Indoor Clothesline

  1. HCA_Recruiter

    Excellent tip! It’s not only a great way to save energy BUT its saves your clothes too!

    Extreme heat fades, shrinks, and wears clothes down.

  2. victor rodriguez

    I came across a blog that is kind of like the facebook of green activism. It’s LayZgreenPeople.com. You can create a profile and keep up to date on events in the green movement.

  3. Paige Green

    Great to see so many great tips for the green home. Dryers use so much energy, and it is hard to line dry clothes especially if you live in a unit. Great idea with the tub!

  4. Maeve

    Great tips! If you’re looking for eco-friendly, non-toxic laundry detergents to wash with, check out http://www.greencupboards.com. All of their products have been tested and certified by GreenCupboards on the basis of five criteria. The GreenCupboards team evaluates ingredients, toxicity, efficacy, manufacturing processes and packaging.

  5. Keith Marlow

    Indoor clothes lines as such are not that new – many years ago it was quite common in houses to have a frame with pully attached to the ceiling – so you put your clothes on it and raise it up to the ceiling. The air close to the ceiling will be naturally warmer and dryer than the air lower in the room – so it will dry.

    You can also combine this with Passive Solar Design principals and let the sun help heat the air to then in turn dry your clothes..

  6. Legalsounds

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