Tip of the Week – Download Your Software

By | March 30, 2009

Software CDs are made out of nonrenewable petroleum products, and are difficult to recycle. They are placed in plastic cases, stuffed into boxes with manuals, & all wrapped in even more plastic.

This can all be eliminated if you download the software directly from the company via the Internet instead of shopping for it at the computer software store.

You won’t have to drive, the manufacturers won’t have to ship to the stores, and you can relax. So go green and save resources, as well as time & fuel.

One thought on “Tip of the Week – Download Your Software

  1. Jesse

    I’d be interested to learn the actual carbon savings for downloading vs. buying a packaged copy. Downloading still uses carbon in the form of electricity for your computer, and all of the other servers involved; still I’m sure the savings are significant over all of that paper waste and transport.

    Great suggestion!

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