Tip of the Week – Coffee Fertilizer

By | March 2, 2010

azaleasReuse your used coffee grounds as fertilizer!

Coffee grounds make a great fertilizer for plants that thrive in acidic soil, like rhododendrons or azaleas. Just sprinkle your used coffee grounds around the base of plants. This will also help to repel ants, snails, and slugs, who can exacerbate an aphid problem.

2 thoughts on “Tip of the Week – Coffee Fertilizer

  1. zee

    Great tip! I didn’t know that coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer! I just told my mom about it (apparently she already knew, haha) and she said she hasn’t tried it, but plans to use coffee grounds on her new garden. Who would’ve thought that my morning cup of joe has so many other uses?

  2. Jo

    A few years ago I imagined collecting grounds from coffee shops using some kind of hand-cart/shopping trolley. I think someone does this now, possibly in Richmond.

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