Soda Can Pinwheel Flowers

By | November 30, 2009

Soda Can Pinwheel FlowersDecorated your winter gardens this year with DIY flowers made from recycled soda cans by CanarsieBK.

You’ll need the following:
1 empty can of soda
1 bottle cap
Razor Scissors
Drill or nail

How to Make Flowers Using a Soda Can:
Use razor (and scissor if necessary) to cut off the top of the soda can around the ridge line.
2- Starting from the top of the can use your scissor to cut down about 1/8 -1/4 inch from the bottom.
3- Make cuts all the way around the can. Get creative with the cuts if you’d like by zig-zagging. Once all of the cuts are made. Fold all of them outwards.
4- Take the drill or nail and poke a hole in the bottle cap and the bottom of the can.
5- Fish string through the hole of the top of the bottle cap and continue it through the bottom part of the can.
6- Tie knots on either end to loosely secure the bottle cap to the can.
7- Tie a stick to the opposite side of the soda can that the bottle cap is on.
8- Plant your flower.

7 thoughts on “Soda Can Pinwheel Flowers

  1. Boom Truck

    Fun. What a creative way to reuse a product. I think using recycled equipment is another good way to reuse something to help our enviornment.

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