Product of the Week – Trtlbot iPhone Cases

By | January 21, 2011

TRTL BOT iPhone CasesTrtlbot is a Los Angeles based company that designs eco-functional iPhone accessories. All of their eco-friendly shells are made in California from reclaimed plastic from recycled bottles.

Their two new iPhone 4 cases, Minimalist 4 & Trtl Stand 4, are more than just cases to protect your precious phone. Minimalist 4 has a slot on the back with enough room for an ID and a credit card, while the Trtl Stand 4 has a kickstand to prop your phone up for watching videos or face to face chatting.

These two cases make it clear that Trtlbot acknowledge the importance of functionality, while not losing anything on the design front and still staying eco-friendly. These cases look amazing and are available here.

7 thoughts on “Product of the Week – Trtlbot iPhone Cases

  1. Jimmy King

    TRTL BOT makes sweet cases. I love mine (minimalist 4). You can save 15% if you use coupon code: TRTLCREW002

  2. Dillon Brayton

    This is a really cool case. I think the new iPhone 4 having square corners helps with the ability to design cases as I have seen a much better selection with the new phone. I don’t have the new phone, but my nanny does. I guess I pay her too much 😛

    P.S. If anyone would like to enter our Free Facebook iPad contest you can get the details on purepainters(dot)com/blog

    Thanks all … remember to recycle and turn off the lights behind you.

  3. Andrew Cheng

    I’m using the iphone 4 bumper now (the one purchased from Apple). I think I’m going to give this case a try. Thank you for sharing this!

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  5. low energy pc

    Today shown that iphone4 had some design flaws inside it. Users have found that they couldn’t receive or make calls if they were in enclosed areas.

  6. plumbing

    Having my iphone completes my day because I can surf the net,watch videos and listen to my play list.Good thing that you made a case to protect our gadget and avoid it from damage or break.

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