Product of the Week – Safe Paw Environmentally Friendly Ice Melter

By | January 9, 2008

Safe Paw Environmentally Friendly Ice MelterIn these cold winter months it is very common for sidewalks and roads to get icy, instead of using salt based ice melting products consider using a non-hazardous alternative like Safe Paw’s environmentally friendly ice melter.

Safe Paw is 100 percent safe for children, pets, all surfaces and the environment! This is unlike all the salt based products that most consumers use, which contain calcium chloride that can heat up to 175 degrees when exposed to water and ice. Salt based products often sit on ice and snow surfaces for a long time before melting & penetrating into the ice. If children & pets are exposed or digest these salt compounds it can cause health problems. Plus, the salt residue left over from these products cause permanent damage to pavers, asphalt, concrete, wood decks, floors and rugs and can harm the environment, including burnt lawns and plants along with possible contamination of wells and drinking water supplies.

Safe Paw is like no other ice & snow melter on the market. It has a unique patented dual-effect compound, made up of crystalline amide core infused with special glycols. This non-corrosive composition gives Safe Paw a two-way timed-release action. The liquid component starts melting ice instantly while breaking its surface tension. This allows the crystal-core to quickly penetrate and destabilize the ice and speed up the melting process. Safe Paw actually attracts heat to make it even more effective but does not give off heat. This “endothermic” reaction takes advantage of solar effect and provides extra melting power during daylight hours. As an added feature, Safe Paw leaves an invisible protective shield that prevents ice from sticking to the surface for up to three days making shoveling easier.

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