Product of the Week – Restore Water Purification System

By | November 4, 2009

If your looking for an alternative to bottled water that is more eco-conscious, then check out Restore.

What is Restore? Restore is a complete water purification system in an affordable, easy to use pitcher. Restore provides cleaner, great tasting tap water by innovatively combining germ-killing UV Clean technology with a water filtration system. Restore is a breakthrough solution.

What makes it different? Just because it’s filtered, doesn’t means it’s purified!
Restore uses Ultraviolet (UV) Clean Technology to go beyond filtering by removing bacteria, viruses and more. UV Technology has been used for over 60 years for its germicidal properties in hospitals and laboratories. For the first time, an application of this unique germ-killing technology is available for home use in an affordable, easy to use water pitcher.

6 thoughts on “Product of the Week – Restore Water Purification System

  1. Paul

    You are better off buying a standard water filter jug. Buying a jug that needs to be plugged in so that you can use a UV lamp to kill microbes makes this a fake green product. Tap water in the US is already safe to drink even without filtration so it is completely unnecessary to have an additional UV lamp step to kill off the tiny amounts of microbes in the water. It sounds like a good idea but in reality is a waste of electricity as it is designed to tackle a problem that does not exist.

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  3. John in Maine

    I live in rural Maine and not living on a municipal supply my water comes from a dug well and is therefore susceptible to bateria and virus. I’m buying one of these systems!

  4. Umar A

    This product is a greater solution for our modern day problem with water pollution. There are many harmful chemicals that are added to water that are not safe human consumption and harmful to the environment as well. UV purification is a very effective method for water purification.

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