Product of the Week – O’BON Pencils & Notebooks

By | November 13, 2009

O'BON Notebook O’BON, is a green stationery company located in San Francisco, CA and dedicated to designing, manufacturing & distributing awesome stationery products, such as pencils & notebooks, that are eco-friendly & really reasonably priced.

O’BON’s pencils are made out of recycled newspaper, their notebooks are made from discarded sugarcane pulp, and all their products have super cute nature inspired designs.

O’BON also just launched a way cool new campaign where every $10 you spend on their website, they will plant a tree through their partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.

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7 thoughts on “Product of the Week – O’BON Pencils & Notebooks


    I love learning about companies who are going green! I will do my best to support them. I especially love that they are partnered up with the Arbor Day Foundation. Go O’BON!!!

  2. Kevin Davis

    Thanks so much for the writeup! We’re still a small company starting out in the US, popular in Asia and Australia, the buzz still needs to catch up to our American markets. My main concern is how it always seems that eco-friendly anything is considered a trend, when it should be a way of life; the RIGHT way to live. Our efforts at O’BON are also to educate children and help them along to being more responsible inhabitants of our earth. Your support is greatly appreciated <3

  3. Liz Skinner

    OBON sounds like a great player for team Environment and I’m going get some of their pencils! For anyone looking for some eco-friendly stationary and invitations check out The paper looks like traditional cards that you would print your own invites or cards on but they are made from post-consumer waste and have great colors that don’t look like the old recycled browns, etc.
    They also have some talented in-house designers that have created some cool Holiday cards that I’m going to use so I don’t feel like I’ve killed a forest just to say Merry Christmas to my friends and family.

  4. Patriotjohn

    What makes O’BON so great, in my humble opinion, is their enthusiasm. OUT are the browns and grays of the usual eco stuff…IN are the vibrate colors and Wild themes. It is great when a company lets down their hair and goes O’BONanza. What I have learned is that O’BON is not just for kids, but adults love the color and enthusiasm too.

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