Product of the Week – EconoGreen Plastics

By | February 23, 2010

EconoGreen PlasticsWho ever thought plastic trash bags could be eco-friendly? I never did, until I heard of EconoGreen Plastics.

EconoGreen Plastics offers a complete range of bags and drop cloths made from 100% recycled plastics that are oxodegradable and recyclable. Plus, they are as strong, tough and flexible as standard plastic bags and they’re priced in the same range. So whether you’re eco-conscious or cost-conscious, there really is one choice. Greener, stronger, affordable – that’s what EconoGreen Plastics is all about.

EconoGreen Plastics products are:

  • Made from 100% recycled plastics
  • Oxodegradable when exposed to oxygen
  • 100% recyclable
  • Priced at an equivalent or lower price than comparable plastic bags
  • As strong as traditional plastic bags
  • Made in North America

EconoGreen Plastics products are available at all Home Depot stores in the US or online.

2 thoughts on “Product of the Week – EconoGreen Plastics

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  2. ECC

    I will have to check those out. I know I can not due with out them, but I have cut back on them a lot though,. This is a much better option.

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