Product of the Week – DSI Power Strip

By | November 24, 2009

DSI Power StripDSI Power Strip is a new kind of power strip that offers great savings on electricity.

How is a DSI Power Strip different?
By using a master socket that controls the other outlets on the power strip.

On a normal power strip, you have to actually turn off the strip to prevent any power from being drained. With the DSI Power Strip you prevent this and actually cut off all power to the secondary sockets when the device plugged into the primary socket is shut down.

What does this all mean?
When a device such as a TV is plugged into the master socket and then turned on, the other sockets with your cable box, DVD player, and sound system will then be powered on. The reverse happens when you power down your TV turning off the power to the other sockets and preventing any power from being drained.

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Check out this video where the DSI Power Strip is being unboxed.

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