Product of the Week – Amazon’s Kindle: A Wireless Reading Device

By | September 17, 2009

Amazon KindleLove to read, but hate going to the library to check out books? Then say “Hello” to the Amazon Kindle!

The Amazon Kindle is the ultimate electronic reader. It is so simple to use with no setup, no cables and no computer required. The Kindle is completely wireless and ready to use right out of the box. It has FREE 3G wireless letting you download books right from your Kindle, anytime, anywhere; with no monthly fees, service plans, or hunting for Wi-Fi hotspots.

The Kindle is slim & lightweight, at 10.2 ounces. It is lighter than a typical paperback and as thin as most magazines. It also has a long battery life, allowing you to read for days without recharging.

The Kindle reads like real paper, with 16 shades of gray for clear text and even crisper images. Plus the Kindle’s screen reflects light like ordinary paper and uses no backlighting, eliminating the glare associated with other electronic displays. As a result, the Kindle can be read as easily in bright sunlight as in your living room.

Other Kindle Features:

  • Adjustable Text Size
  • Read-to-Me Feature
  • Bookmarks and Annotations
  • Full Image Zoom
  • Personal Document Service Via Whispernet
  • Built-in Dictionary with Instant Lookup
  • Wireless Access to Wikipedia
  • Basic Web Browser
  • PDF Document Conversion
  • Listen to Music & Podcasts
  • Automatic Library Backup: Re-download Your Books for Free

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One thought on “Product of the Week – Amazon’s Kindle: A Wireless Reading Device

  1. Brian Gabriel

    If you read a lot of books this is definitely worth getting. It’s so interactive how it lets you search wikipedia and the dictionary. A great way to read books.

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