Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich on Global Warming & Climate Change

By | December 27, 2007

Congressmen Dennis Kucinich strongly supports the idea that human pollution is a significant cause of global warming.

“Do you have to be a scientist to know there is something quite unusual going on with our environment? Do you have to be a member of congress to understand? All over the world, people have seen the effects of global climate change…I don’t need a scientist to tell me this is happening, because I see it myself. The problem comes when you get scientists who tell you something that’s different from what you’re seeing with your own eyes. Why do we even get trapped into that kind of thinking?”

At the CNN / YouTube Debate, Congressmen Dennis Kucinich answers global warming question.

“We need to move away from reliance on oil and coal and toward reliance on wind and solar. That’s the basis of my WGA, Works Green Administration, where we take an entirely new approach to organize the entire country around sustainability, around conservation.”

Congressmen Dennis Kucinich also strongly supports international treaties to cut greenhouse gas emissions like the Kyoto Protocol.

“The Kyoto Climate Change Treaty is just the first step. We need to go beyond Kyoto. We need to reach out to the world and reduce our carbon emissions, and we need to have environmental protection to secure our food supplies.”

Take Back America 2007 Conference on June 20, 2007

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