Product of the Week – Snail’s Pace Stationery

Snail’s Pace is a socially and environmentally responsible stationery brand that features a collection of beautiful nature designs all printed with soy-based inks on paper that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and packaged in plant-based, compostable bags. The unique part of Snail’s Pace is, the product line comes from the monks of Abbey… Read More »

Eco Beauty Tips for Used Coffee Grounds

Instead of tossing out those old used coffee grounds put them to good use to make yourself beautiful. Coffee grounds can actually help improve the quality of your skin by: Exfoliating Preventing and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles Balancing pH Controlling blemishes Pulling toxins from the skin Moisturizing Here are a few different beauty treatments… Read More »

Product of the Week – EARTHTEC Apparel

EARTHTECH is an environmentally responsible lifestyle apparel brand located in New Hampshire, USA. They create quality apparel from recycled plastic bottles. EARTHTEC takes PET & HDPE plastics (like water bottles, food containers such as ketchup and non-food containers for items like cleaning products) and puts them through a process which cleans, shreds, and melts the… Read More »

Tip of the Week – Replace Refined Sugar With Natural Substitutes

Stop eating that unhealthy refined white sugar and start to replace it with all natural substitutes. Why? White refined sugar starts out as sugar cane before it goes though it’s refining process. This process removes all measurable traces of vitamins and minerals from the sugar cane, leaving us with a nutritionally vacant product whose only… Read More »