Top 5 New Year’s Eco Resolutions For 2011

Whether you call them resolutions, goals, or lifestyle changes, they are adjustments you can take to make 2011 easier on the planet. Here are the Top 5 New Year’s Eco Resolutions For 2011: Stop Buying/Using Plastic Water Bottles – Plastic water bottles maybe convenient but they are at no way eco-friendly. When you are on… Read More »

Giveaway – Eco-Foil 100% Recycled Aluminum Pans

Did you know…Aluminum is the only material that is endlessly recyclable, without ever breaking down or compromising the quality of the metal. That’s what makes Eco-Foil the ultimate disposable baking & roasting pan. Eco- Foil pans are made from 100% recycled aluminum, and are 100% recyclable after use, offering consumers a convenient and affordable way… Read More »

Product of the Week – ReBinder

I love being organized and staying green at the same time. ReBinder helps me do this with their office supplies made from recycled materials and that are also fully recyclable. ReBinder is the only true zero waste office supply manufacturer and the brand of choice for customers looking for sustainable, quality office supplies. Assembled by… Read More »

Tip of the Week – Digital Pictures

When taking digital pictures only print out the ones you are going to need. This will save paper, energy and of course ink. With digital photos you can always back them up on an external hard drive allowing you to view or print them at a later date. It also makes sure you never lose… Read More »

Product of the Week – Tofurky

It’s Turkey Day today! Or for all you vegetarians it’s Tofurky Day! Holidays are now easier and more delicious for vegetarians, vegans, and turkeys everywhere! This Stuffed Tofurky Roast is a pre-cooked vegetarian feast designed to be the delicious centerpiece of your holiday table or everyday meal. Made from a revolutionary tofu-wheat protein blend, Tofurky… Read More »