Homemade Cork Stamps

By | July 8, 2009

Got any extra wine corks sitting around your kitchen?

I sure do! I always collect them, but I never know what to do with them. Until I ran across this awesome little craft site that gives a great step-by-step tutorial on making cork stamps from old wine bottle corks. Not only is this a super fun crafty project, it is also a great way to recycle & reuse what some would consider to be trash.

Step 1
Draw your design on one end of your cork using a fine point Sharpie.

Draw design on your cork
Step 2
Using the tip of your craft or exacto knife, stab around your design. Insert the craft knife 1/8″ -1/4″ deep.

Cut design out using your craft knife.

Step 3
Carefully cut around edges, being careful not to cut off your design. But if you do mess up, just slice it off and start over!

Cut around edges.

Step 4
Pull off excess cork from around your designs.

Remove excess cork from your design.

Step 5
Presto – you are now ready to stamp away! Roll the stamp around a little to get full coverage.

Stamp away! Homemade cork stamps

Ideas are just swirling in my head – Thanks to Amy over at Craft Chi!

6 thoughts on “Homemade Cork Stamps

  1. beth

    Thanks for sharing the information on creating cork stamp. I am a keen lover of wine and art. Enjoyed going through your blog very much.

  2. Quench water coolers

    That’s really cool — I haven’t tried that with any corks yet but I may now — It’s a simple way to reuse the cork — What would be another way other than the simplified idea of making them into artwork? I remember how my dad used to make a rack out of old wine corks just because he thought it was artistic

  3. Iris

    We made this 30 years ago in the “Kindergarten”, its such a fun.

    If you want to make a wall pattern:

    Take this paper roll, which is inside the toilet paper roll, then take a piece of thin corc u normally use for putting on the flor.

    Cut the pattern you want to have out of the corc.

    Roll the Corc pattern around your paper roll (and glue it with this natural white glue you use for wood, dont know the name).

    Then you can use this roll-stamp on you wall for patterns with normal wall paint 🙂

    For the roll you can also use a stick of round wood.

    Have fun. 🙂

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  5. water aerobics

    Finally – a good excuse to get more wine!

    “Melting” empty bottles, flattening them, and using them as a spoon rest is really cool too – though harder to pull off.

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