Home Depot Recycles Holiday Lights

By | October 29, 2009

home depot logoHome Depot begins its 2nd annual Eco Options Christmas Light Trade In event starting November 5th through the 15th. Customers can bring in their old working or non-working holiday lights to be recycled. They will receive a $3 off coupon towards the purchase of energy efficient seasonal light-emitting diodes (LED) string lights. Customers must purchase their new LED lights between November 5th – 15th and are limited to five redemptions.

4 thoughts on “Home Depot Recycles Holiday Lights

  1. Green Family Blog

    HomeDepot should be applauded for this program, not only are they promoting recycling of old lights but they are getting people on board with low energy LED lights. Holiday season lighting uses massive amounts of energy and LEDs greatly reduce the power use.

  2. Mariow

    This is was a good idea I think this is must be support by the government also. To save and to have a safe materials.

  3. Grabrielle Martin

    Oh well, Christmas is coming and everyone gets so excited. We often put lots of lights when christmas is already in the air though everyone is looking forward to something that is not so expensive. We wouldn’t want to buy new lights every year so the tendency is we want to recycle those ones we used last year. There’s no wrong in that for as long as all the materials in it are safe and durable.

  4. Adult Cloth Diapers HQ

    I actually brought in my lights to Home Depot last year. You had to fill out a short application before you could get the rebate and provide identification. Sign up was pretty easy though and only took about 5 minutes. I hope they run this program again next week. I’ll likely take advantage of it again.

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