Composting your Halloween Pumpkins

By | October 29, 2007

pumpkin patch

The pumpkin is one of the most eco-friendly holiday decorations out there. It is 100% natural, yet a majority of the nature gets thrown out once you’ve carved them. This autumn, don’t just throw away the flesh from your pumpkin…compost it. This simple solution to use the whole pumpkin will not only decrease the amount of material that you send to the landfill, it can also help turn your organic waste into a landscape asset.

The folks over at Earth 911 have put together one of the most extensive composting resources out there, where you can find more information on what composting means and its benefits.

If you don’t already compost at home, go green and start today!

6 thoughts on “Composting your Halloween Pumpkins

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  3. Green Man

    I appreciate you sentiments to be green and compost. But why would you throw it on your garden when you can eat it?? Seems like the obvious choice to me, pumpkin pie!!

  4. Bokashi

    Hi there.

    I agree with you so much that everybody should compost at home! It is good for your garden and on top of that also good for the environment. I myself am using the Bokashi bin to compost, and it is a great way to do it. Really satisfying as well. I think pumpkins should be a decoration for more holidays, since it is so easy to compost!



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