gDiapers – the new eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable diapers.

By | October 25, 2007

For decades there have been only two choices in diapers. Cloth or disposable. Now there is a third option. Flushable.

gDiapers has introduced the first flushable diaper. It puts waste where it belongs, in the toilet and not the landfill.

This new eco-friendly diaper is a cross between cloth and disposable. It has a disposable, flushable insert in a breathable, washable cloth cover.

While traditional diapers can take up to 500 years to decompose in a landfill, this new eco-friendly alternative has no guilt. Flushable gDiapers have no elemental chlorine, no perfumes, no smell, and no garbage. They are so gentle on the planet that you can even garden compost the wet ones, which will take approximately 50- 150 days to biodegrade.

These new thinking diapers have been available in Australia since 1991 and are now available nationwide at Whole Foods Markets, Wild Oats and independent natural markets.

3 thoughts on “gDiapers – the new eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable diapers.

  1. Maysen Sitz

    Wow- I wish my mommy had these when I was a baby! I know I went through a lot of diapers. Gross to think they are all still sitting in a landfill.

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