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By | November 28, 2007

“Scientist of the world unequivocally say that global warming is here and it is caused by man. Now weather or not the US wants to jump on board doesn’t mean that intelligent people in business can’t see the light.

– Paul Comey, V.P. Environmental Affairs, Green Mountain Coffee Rosters

Above is a quote from Eco Biz, an original series of short news and human interest segments by the Sundance Channel that explore the people and businesses driving change in a new wave of environmental innovation. Check out the full segment below.

4 thoughts on “Eco Biz – Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

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  3. doubtful

    I love it. 3 mins on how GMC is good for environment with not mention about the billions on one-use plastic KCups they produce and sell every year. Is this some paid-for ad by the company?

  4. Carin Lynn Post author

    No – this post was not a paid ad. However, many articles on this blog are sponsored by eco-companies.

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