DIY – Recycled Magazine Trash Can

By | May 12, 2010

What do you do with your old magazines you already read? Recycled Magazine Trash CanRecycled Magazine Trash Can

Instead of trashing them, Mark Montano made a bathroom trash can out of his old magazines.

You can get a detailed how-to guide in his Big-Ass Book of Crafts, but you basically coil strips of paper together & use hot glue to hold the coils together. The bottom part is one big disk with a bead of hot glue to fill in the center hole.

Thanks Mark for sharing your eco-crafts.

23 thoughts on “DIY – Recycled Magazine Trash Can

  1. Brandon

    Wow, what a sweet idea! I’m in favor of reusing things, and this trash can looks cool, and it reduces waste. However, I find it ironic that you will be using this to collect trash.

  2. Bob

    Cool! I wonder if this idea can be used in a different way.

  3. Judy

    Well that trashcan is cute.

    I just leave mine at the oil change place, the car dealer, the doctor’s office and I sometimes take them to nursing homes…

  4. Glass Bottles

    This is an awesome way to get rid of old magazines, looks like it might take some time, but if you have someone who loves crafts, they are in business!

  5. Fern Ecotel

    We would love to have children of our staff as well as those of our guests to make these and use in our Hotel itself. Since we are an Eco-friendly Hotel, such an initiative would surely make a huge difference to the environment one page at a time 🙂

  6. Linda

    I was at Bay Area last week and i saw a green store was selling it. The price was decent but I like the creativity.

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  8. Carin Lynn Post author

    Christa…it’s paper. I’m sure it would turn into a soggy mess if you got it wet. I don’t recommend it.

  9. Shannon

    this is really cool 🙂 I am inspired to make one too

  10. Gary

    My first impression was – Hey, pretty cool! Then I began to think of all the glue, the electricity for the glue gun, the fact that it could be a fire hazard, and how only one or two magazines could be used this way. Sorry, but it is not that attractive to me. End result – it’s cool, but not that cool. I like Judy’s idea – take them and share them with others. We cut our address off magazines and donate them to the local library. Share the articles! Share the knowledge!

  11. Carolina

    You could seal it with some Mod Podge for furniture so you wouldn’t have to worry about it getting wet.

  12. Andrew Cheng

    That’s very true, paper and water just doesn’t mix well, especially in the bathroom. Why not move the trashcan somewhere dry? I would put this in the office where most of the waste is paper itself.

    For the bathroom, why not make a similar trashcan out of plastic bottles? Maybe someone can get their creative juices going and come up with a design!

  13. plumbing

    This is a very nice way of recycling. Good job! But I suggest not to use it in the bathroom since it is made up of paper and cannot be wet.

  14. carpet cleaning Melbourne

    could you provide more advantages of the magazine trash! i am doing a school assessment task and need some more impacts inwhich the fibre has on society community and evironment!

  15. Dani

    IM TOTALLY DOING THIS IN ART CLASS AND ITS ONE OF THE FUNNEST ART PROJECTS YET. We got to pick out our own projects for recycling and i found this one.. Its amazing. (:

  16. Priscilla

    It would be the perfect magazine, yarn, mail,…holder! – Not trash!

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  18. Connie

    It will be used for paper trash, NOT wet trash, or garbage. Cool idea!

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