DIY Pine Cone Bird Feeder

By | December 16, 2010

Feed the birds this winter with your very own DIY pine cone bird feeder made with all natural biodegradable components.

Pine Cone Bird FeederSupplies Needed:

  • Pine cone
  • Bird seed
  • Peanut butter
  • Spoon or butter knife
  • Paper plate
  • Fishing line, twine, or ribbon to hang pine cone

Let’s Get Started:

Step 1:
The first step in making a pine cone bird feeder is to attach fishing line (or something similar) to the pine cone for hanging. This is easier to do before the pine cone is covered in peanut butter.

Step 2:
Next cover the entire pine cone in peanut butter.  Put on a thick coat with a spoon, then pushed it into the crevices. Try to get it as deep as you can in the pine cone without breaking the individual parts.

Step 3:
Then sprinkle the bird seed all over the peanut butter covered pine cone. Get as much seed on it as possible.

Step 4:
Hang your pine cone bird feeder outside for the birds to enjoy. Make sure you get it high enough off the ground so small animals can’t jump up and pull it down.

One thought on “DIY Pine Cone Bird Feeder

  1. Jim

    I remember making these as a child! Glad to see they are still being created!

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