DIY – Guitar Pick Earrings From Old Credit Cards

By | January 28, 2011

Credit card companies are always sending me new updated cards to replace my old ones. But what do you do with the old ones? Just trash them? How about making jewelry out of them?

Here is an awesome DIY video on how to make earrings from your old expired credit cards.

7 thoughts on “DIY – Guitar Pick Earrings From Old Credit Cards

  1. Jamie

    Wow pretty cool video. Never thought of that, could be fun destroying all those old credit cards

  2. shredding San Antonio

    Another creative way to make use of your old credit cards. They do not even look like credit card cut outs at first glance. This goes to show that even our old paper or plastic products can still be put to good use, with the help of our practicality and creativity.

  3. paula

    Greaat Job making the video… and thanks so much for the tips on what kind of tools you used to draw, cut, file the shapes. I guess you can do any shape as long as you can get 2 the same. this is a great project to do with my middle school art classes at a very low cost . thanks for sharing!!! bTw you are adorable!!!

  4. party bags

    I have two guitar picks which I use until now. I would be sad if I’ll turn them into this. Although, this is a good idea for those who don’t want to lose theirs.

  5. guitar picks

    Making guitar picks from old or expired credit cards is a resourceful and eco-friendly contribution to decrease waste. If you have family members or friends who are not too choosy with guitar picks, this idea can sure be a good one. These days, one can use available guitar pick cutters or you can still opt for the good old tracing and cutting method. Whatever serves you better!

  6. :D

    Brilliant!!! I’m going to use this as a part of my speech for and eco friendly idea!!!

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