Couture Bags Made From Recycled Umbrella Fabric

By | August 4, 2009

himane bagBroke umbrella? Don’t worry you can now donate it.

Donate a broken umbrella you say? That’s right. New Yorkers can now drop off their broken umbrellas at a kiosk at Grand Central Station. The broken umbrellas then venture on to a new life as fashionable totes & handbags.

Local Labels has teamed up with designer & founder of Himane, Catherine Edouard-Charlot, to collect those busted up umbrellas and refashion them into bags that fashion-forward New Yorkers will be proud to carry. Not only are the designs hot, they’re durable and waterproof too, made from umbrella fabric that would otherwise have been sent to a landfill.

Recycling what was once trash is eco-couture at it’s finest!

8 thoughts on “Couture Bags Made From Recycled Umbrella Fabric

  1. Kate

    Wow…this is a great way to recycle. I love this idea. And the bags are so cute. Thanks for the information.


    Thank you for mentioning us! We hope that everyone will embrace upcycling in their lives to become fashion-forward and eco-friendly in the future.

    Just to give an update: Local Labels in Grand Central Station in NYC will be closing, so we now have three locations (one in Manhattan, two in Brooklyn) where people can drop-off their old umbrellas and other clothing for upcycling. If people leave their contact information with their donations, we will keep them updated on discounts and other HIMANE news.

    Here are the current drop-off locations below:

    -Sustainable NYC (Avenue A in Manhattan)
    -Artez’n (Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn)
    -The Green Spa & Wellness Center (Bay Ridge, Brooklyn)

    Thanks again!

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  4. rain umbrella

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  7. dotty

    I had the fortune to see Himane bags in person yesterday. These are very well made and fantastic looking. They catch your eye: aesthetics first and the upcycling is the super bonus! Cheers!

  8. emma

    wow… thats very good and helpful. im doing a textile project and this has helped lots !

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