Coffee vs. Tea

By | August 20, 2010

coffee_versus_teaMove over Coffee there’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Tea.

Did you know…
Some black teas have just as much caffeine as coffee does. Plus, growing tea is much greener then growing coffee. Producing one cup of coffee requires almost 300 gallons of water, while the same amount of tea requires only about 30 gallons of water.

So green up that morning cup of java with coffee’s leafy counterpart. Don’t forget to always buy organic, fair-trade, & shade-grown. Plus, skip the pre-bagged tea & go straight for the loose-leaf.

6 thoughts on “Coffee vs. Tea

  1. Katie Edelen

    I didn’t know black tea had the same amount of caffeine! I love coffee (the taste, the smell…all of it) but the acidity is rough on my stomach. I’m glad to know I can switch to black tea when I need the caffeine.. it won’t be the same but I’m sure I will learn to love it just as much as my coffee.

  2. Aisha

    I really did learn something new in this blog. I am glad to know that there is something more natural and not to bitter tasting that can give me the same boost that coffee can. I do not like the taste of coffee therefore I can take this option into consideration. Buying an organic tea of this type would be a great idea.

  3. Daniel Hamilton

    I think that tea is much better because tea you can ground here where live and coffee has to be imported from other countries. I love coffee but from what I learned from this I’m going to switch over to tea. It’s better for the environment and for your health.

  4. Charlotte

    I have to say I do prefer tea although I seem to drink mainly coffee when i am at work. I have also started drinking green tea which apparently can help when you are dieting….I am not sure I totally belive that as yet though!

  5. gevalia promotion offers

    I will go for coffee. I just really love coffee when ever it’s hot or cold. I really love this topic. I am sure that there are lots of people really want to know what the best among those two drinks is.

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